Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Upcoming articles and the nature of blogging

Just an announcement about upcoming articles so y' all dont lose interest. Next up will probably be a longish piece on portraiture, sparked by a comment made by Koudelka, as well as an essay on the nature of memory, photos, amnesia and the past. Also, on my other site, More a Question than a Reply, there will shortly appear a very long essay about sex tourism in St Domingo.

When I read other people's blogs it always strikes me how prolific they are, while I am here posting maybe two or three times a month. I suppose I will never acquire the rhythm of posting regularly, but then for me the weblog interests me primarily as a new means of distribution, a means of connecting with an audience and breaking out of the Ivory Tower of academic criticism, which was the dream of 50s critics like Clement Greenberg. The question is whether web readers will tolerate longer articles instead of what amounts to blurbs, as we generally find on blogs. There is no doubt in my mind that the new medium, just as with the advent of the printing press, is conditioning the nature of reading in new ways -- so can sustained thought and reflection survive the web? I think so. I recently listened to a report on NPR about a project that is putting all books online - a kind of internet Alexandria -- and apparently people are logging on and reading novels and treatises and all the rest. I personally dont like to read long things like books online -- I like books with covers, but I do find that i read more and more online, so eventually my prejudice may disappear.

Anyway, stay tuned for more essays -- or should I say, check your feeds? I am of the TV generation so such phrases stick with me still.