Friday, December 13, 2013

The Photographer's Magnificat

Una buena fotografía nace de un estado de gracia. 
La gracia se manifiesta libre de convencionalismos, 
libre como un niño en su primer descubrimiento de la realidad. 
Es el juego de organizar el rectángulo.

A good photograph is born from a state of grace. 
Grace manifests itself free of conventions, 
free like a child first discovering reality. 
The game then is organizing the rectangle.  

Sergio Larrain

In the age of "disenchantment," as Max Weber termed it, when technological rationality prevails and attempts to bring all external and internal nature under the power of the human subject, the ethic or aesthetic of street photography is a modest act of rebellion, at least as I practice it, because the photographer must be willing to surrender control to some extent and submit to the imperious flow of reality, while dancing attendance on that moment of grace when a good image comes your way.  The old gods are dead but grace abounds, and the secret lies in recognizing that there are powers greater than the self.  Know thyself, said the Greeks.  Which is to say, Know your Limits.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

La ciudad colonial

vestida de noche . . .